Emergency Lights for All of Your Commercial Vehicle and Equipment Needs

Not every commercial vehicle needs emergency lights to operate safely, but the ones that can benefit cover thousands of industries. Get the customized lighting solution you need to stay visible when in motion or stationary.

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles that help direct traffic, warn of upcoming dangers, or draw attention to other hazards and regulations need lighting that can be seen from a reasonable distance. Strobe lighting for emergency vehicles is the easiest accessory to add that makes other drivers aware of a situation that might require extra attention.

Service Vehicles

Service vehicles that have to park in areas that are close to moving traffic need to be seen by oncoming vehicles. Road service vehicles, Utility vehicles, private package delivery, and other types of service industry commercial vehicles will benefit from using the right emergency lights.

Heavy Equipment

Moving heavy equipment around a job site, or on your company property carries the risk of injuries when in motion and someone is unaware. Installing and using emergency lighting helps bring attention to the fact that your forklifts, bobcats, front loaders, tractors, or Gators are on the move. Give everyone a head’s up that equipment is moving and everyone should proceed with caution.

Heavy-Load Haulers and Tow Trucks

Emergency strobe lights are a great solution for visibility when you are transporting heavy equipment or wide loads on trailers, or you are towing a vehicle in for service. All traffic that is both approaching and coming up from behind can clearly see that a potential roadway hazard exists.

Emergency Volunteer Personal Vehicles

Communities depend heavily on volunteers to help with fire and fire-rescue services. You may be called to duty when out in your personal vehicle. Save time and get where you need to faster by using emergency lighting on your personal car or truck.

The use of emergency lighting is one that benefits you and other drivers on the road. Stay safe and make your vehicles more visible at all times.