Fixing Your Car Up after a Wreck

When you have been in a car accident, your first thought typically revolves around making sure you and other involved in the wreck are okay. After that, however, your thoughts turn to how you can fix your vehicle, which may have been badly damaged.

Rather than have it towed to a junkyard or sold for scrap metal, you may want to see about getting it repaired as quickly as possible. By having it towed to a licensed mechanic, parts store, or auto body shop denver co car accident victims like you may be able to have your car restored and repaired in a matter of days.

Assessing the Damages

Before the auto body begins the repairs on your vehicle, it will first assess the damages and determine what work needs to be done. In some instances, the costs of the repairs may exceed the actual worth of the vehicle. It could be better for you to sell the car for scrap metal rather than pay out the money to have it repaired.

When the repairs are less than the value of the car, however, you may give the go-ahead to have the work started. The auto body technicians will remove all of the damaged exterior parts and replace them with brand new or gently used parts. They then will paint the body of the car to make it look like new.


If you were not responsible for the crash, you should not have to pay for the repairs to your car’s body. Instead, the bills should be sent to the person responsible for causing the accident. The auto body shop can remit billing to the faulty person or his or her insurer. You will not receive a bill in the mail for the services.

A wreck may damage your car beyond recognition. You do not have to buy another one and sell the damaged one for scrap. You could get it repaired and back in mint condition by entrusting its care to a skilled auto body shop. You can find out more about the available services on the shop’s website today.